• We set out with the motto "Real Quality"
    Trio Kablo was established in March 2017 by professionals who have been managers and entrepreneurship for many years in the sector. Trio Kablo, which set out with the motto "Real Quality", has chosen to serve its domestic and international sector stakeholders by keeping up with the requirements and innovations of the era without compromising on quality...
    We set out with the motto "Real Quality"
  • Trio cable one year old
    Following the goal of continuous development, Trio Kablo has become the solution partner of Pruva 34 project while increasing its effectiveness in the market with its service approach based on customer satisfaction and trust, using resources effectively.
    Trio cable one year old
  • We have just taken a step into the cable industry
    With our experienced manufacturing staff in our factory, our domestic-international professional sales staff and innovative thought infrastructure, we always set out with confident steps by targeting the newest and best.
    We have just taken a step into the cable industry
  • In 2019, we will be heavy in foreign markets
    In some regions, the sector is still being looked at with a question mark regarding non-standard products going abroad in the past. The biggest problem in the domestic market is the companies that are also competing in the market with non-standard products...
    In 2019, we will be heavy in foreign markets
  • Trio CABLE

    Weak Current Cables Reviews Weak current cables, which are generally used in indoor applications, ensure the continuous and high quality operation of all technological devices used with the development of technology. The selection criteria of the low current cables is very important for both human health and uninterrupted transmission. For this reason, it is also important for the end consumer to carry out the necessary checks beyond the knowledge of the weak current cables used in the products. Weak Current cables in systems less than 1 kv; It is used in indoor applications. Production quality is directly proportional to the quality of the service you receive, as well as security systems, fire alarm systems, access systems, data cables, smart home systems, television systems, automation systems that you use, and even information systems that are closely related to your daily life. Reviews
    WEAK CURRENT CABLE SELECTION CRITERIA IFEN> It is preferred that the Low Current cables have certain characteristics according to their application areas. Particularly, the society can be found in smart or semi-smart buildings, hospitals, cinemas, theaters, schools, shopping malls, airports, factories, tunnels, etc., where people are densely populated or valuable goods. In places where flame not transmitting, not spread, low smoke density, toxic and corrosive gas properties are notable. In addition, if there are risks such as forcing, impact and rodent in the environment, it is decided whether the correct sheath selection or armor is required. Depending on the environment, such as oil, chemicals and moisture, the cables may contain various protective properties. Shielding may be required if another signal is present in the environment that will affect the signal to be transmitted. Shielding types are also determined by competent persons depending on the signal capability and environment. It is important to pay attention to the closure rates for the quality of the shielding.
    WEAK CURRENT CABLE TYPES Reviews Signal Control Cables Tek The only thing we can't control is our lives ” Signal and Control cables accompany you anywhere in your life. From simple home appliances you use everyday, to large automation systems or in industrial applications almost anywhere. We are also with you in industrial facilities where all automation systems are used, telecommunication area, oil and gas, energy and mining areas.        Reviews  
    Coaxial cables
    ‘’ Did you know that we are watching all the matches together? ’   The better we use as the antenna cable provides the better the picture. The cable connected to the digiturke inside the house. Low attenuation allows the frequency of the satellite to transmit the image without derating  Reviews
    Intercom Cables Cables & Cables <
    “You have a guest!” Intercom cables are used in indoor installations, internal communication and sound systems, door intercom systems. There are types such as DT8, DT12. They are produced in cross section DT8 8x0,22 and in cross section DT12 12x0,22    Reviews  
    Audio and Video Cables
      Ken We're there while you watch your favorite movie ” high flexibility, low attenuation in audio and video equipment such as professional studios, stage applications, broadcasting sector (TV-RADIO channels), conference halls, cultural centers, schools, cinemas, theaters, hotels, stadiums, audio equipment and home audio and video applications. used for precise audio and video transmission Weak Current manufactures our professional audio and video cables according to European standards; we are proud to offer you strong and high quality service in every aspect of your life.  Reviews
    Bus Cables and Cables Için için In order not to damage production efficiency ’’ Today, production efficiency is based more on data communication and automation systems than ever before. And both require high performance wiring solutions. Trio BUS cables can connect many sensors and actuators to a single line; easy, cost-effective installation and fast data exchange. Preferred in all areas of industry for process control needs Our Bus Cables: Used in industrial automation systems, computer connections and electronic control systems with high speed signal transmission, in data communication systems that you frequently encounter even in your daily life. We are with you with all our products manufactured in European standards “Automation systems reduce the costs, provide institutionalization and save time in factories”      
      Fire Resistant Cables Diplodb>
    "Sometimes a cable saves 100s of lives" Signal and control cables carry all kinds of information, data and commands. Think of the lives to be saved by the continuous use of health devices used in hospitals in case of a fire and prefer our fire resistant and strong cables. Public transport lines such as Marmaray and metro
    Trio CABLE

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TRİO KABLO was founded in March 2017 by three professionals who have been managers and entrepreneurship in the sector for many years. Our company serves all the stakeholders of the sector with customer satisfaction and competitive price policy without sacrificing quality.


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