JE-H(St)H…Bd FE180 / E30-E90

These cables, which continue the signal transmission without interrupting the circuit in case of fire, fire
used in alarm and security systems. (They are used in subways, tunnels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, hotels, residences, industrial facilities etc. where there are lots of people.) This type of cables are halogen free,
they have flame retardant and low smoke density



Conductor: Electrolytic Mono Copper Wire, Class 1,
EN 60228, IEC 60228, VDE 0295
Insulation: Special Silicone Compound
Insulation Color: VDE 0815
Twisting: In Double Twisting Layers
Separator Tape: PES Tape and Glass Fiber Tape
Screen: AL-PES Tape and Tinned Copper Earth Wire
Outer Sheath: EN 50290-2-27 HFFR Compound
Outer Sheath Color: RAL 2003 Orange

Fire Performance Tests


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