RG-11/U-6 Cu/Cu HFFR

These cables are intended for CATV and
where low attenuation and high frequency transmittance are desired. They are used as main line cable in CCTV systems. These cables are low
They have smoke density and do not emit toxic gases during a fire.




Iletken : 1,02 mm Ø Elektrolitik Mono Bakır
Izolasyon : 4,60 mm Ø Fiziksel Köpüklü Polietilen
1. Ekran : %100 Kapama Cu-PES Bant
2. Ekran : Elektrolitik Bakır Tellerden Örgü,
3. Ekran : %100 Kapama Cu-PES Bant
Outer Sheath: EN 50290-2-27 HFFR Compound
Dış Kılıf Rengi : RAL 7001 Gri

Fire Performance Tests

Attenuation (20ºC)


Coaxial Cables


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